Giants Win and Dog Commercials Rule!

Yea Giants! They did it again beating superstar quarter-back Tom Brady and the New England Patriots 21 to 17! Ozzie was fairly excited as he snoozed through much of the game but did manage to watch a few of the much anticipated commercials. His favorite was the Volkswagen commercial with the chubby dog who wants to get back into to shape so he can chase cars again! Ozzie found his exercise and weight loss regime very inspiring!

There were three other dog featured commercials last night. The Great Dane who did away with the family cat and bribed the owner with Dorritos not to rat him out! Not amusing to cats and cat lovers! Then there was the faster than lightening Mr Quigley, the French Bulldog who out ran Grey Hounds with his snappy Skechers! Though this brought out a lot of negative press from PETA and other animal rights groups that are against dog racing! I am with the same opinion that it exploits Grey Hounds and is basically a cruel sport for the animal!
Finally there was a commercial for Budweiser staring Weego the rescue dog. He was expert at fetching humans a bottle of Bud and at the same time promoting adoption of rescue dogs. That as Martha would say is "a good thing!"

Here is hoping you were happy with the outcome of last nights game if not perhaps the commercials brought a smile to your face! Oh did I fail to mention half time with Madonna...oh well!


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