Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tail of Two Countries

Gotta love that Bulldog butt!

A couple of posts back I had stated that the straight pointy tail was the desirable standard for an English Bulldog. Then after watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show I realized that all the bullies seem to have the corkscrew tail. So I got to researching and found out that the pointy tail was the standard for the UK and the screw tail is acceptable by US standards. Again I favor the screw tail and too bad on the Brits if they don't like it! Below is a link that gives you all the specs for bulldogs.

Now these twisted tails need some special attention. Some are so tight that they tend to get infected if not cleaned on a regular basis. We wipe Ozzie's butt and tail with unscented baby wipes after every poop session in an effort to keep the area clean. Perhaps not what most folks anticipate as part of their dog care regime but not unusual for bulldog owners! Its like caring for a three year old child for the most part but I don't mind, I don't mind one bit!

Here is another link to tail care :

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  1. Yes the good ol butt wiping. I also do this with my two bulldogs :)