EveryOne into the Pool!

With the waning days of summer we all try to get one more day at the beach or the pool into our schedule. I have found out that though bulldogs are not known to be swimmers there are many bullies out there that do enjoy the water! Friends Don and Melinda had Bullet who couldn't wait to go for a swim in the lake or at the ocean. They said he would swim out to Cuba if he could. He especially liked to body surf! Monty from the bulldog rescue has Ruby and a French bulldog Frankie and a pug, Adrienne that all adore the water. They were upstate NY by Lake Placid this month where they all got their paws wet. He does have a life jacket ( which is recommended ) for Ruby but she prefers to skinny dip, so they have to be very watchful when she is in the water! Now as for Ozzie I have my doubts. The fact that he is a wee bit over weight certainly doesn't make him the most buoyant bully around! Just taking him for a walk around the block is a challenge. Besides I don't think that bulldogs are ergonomically designed for water. They are kind of shaped like an anvil. I could just see Ozzie heading straight for the bottom at record speed! I have considered going out and purchasing one of those plastic kiddie pools for the Oz. Knowing him he probably think it was one giant water dish! Oh well we may just be spending the rest of the summer in the shade taking power naps!


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