Happy Trails to Dad!

Yesterday we had a big send off party for my Dad who has finally decided to retire at age 80! He is moving out to Oregon to live with his sister Marie on a 40 acre ranch. I don't know if you could qualify it as a ranch but she does have 3 horses, 2 cats and a toy poodle named Molly! Unfortunately it rained on and off as remnants of Hurricane Bill blew past the east coast so it was largely an indoor event. It got kinda hot and sticky in the house even though we had the air on down to 60 degrees! We had a good sized crowd and with the stove going it was sauna like. As you can imagine it was not a good hair day! Thank God my cousin Annie is a caterer who specializes in barbecue was on hand to help me pull off this gig ( to whom I give my gratitude. Otherwise we all just be eating hot dogs and hamburgers with Shop-Rite potato salad) ! On the menu was barbecued brisket, pulled pork, potato salad, pasta salad, steamed clams, linguine and crab sauce ( to die for! ) and desserts that I will still be eating come this weekend unless I fall into a diabetic coma before that! Though the party was for Dad at times it was Ozzie who was the center of attention! Many of our friends had not yet seen Ozzie so it was a coming out party for him. Ozzie didn't have to do much to elicit folks to eww and ahhh over him. Most of the day he lied smack dab in the middle of the kitchen with his tongue hanging out! What a sight. I only tripped over him 23 times! My father received a lot of well wishes and gifts but I think Ozzie had his share of "gifts" too! My husband fed him enough brisket to serve a family of four with. As for my nieces and nephews no telling how many Doritos they ended up giving him! At the end of the evening Dad was very post party happy. Ozzie too had this very contented look on his face as he slipped off into his doggie slumber for the night!


  1. Hi Linda,

    I think I may have forgotten to ask if Ozzie likes water and swimming. A few do. Our Bullet knew whenever we got out his "long leash" (which was actually a length of clothesline with a swivel snap hook at the end), he was either going swimming at the lake or the beach. He never had any trouble with water getting in his nose; even at the beach. He would tear into the water and head for Cuba. Luckily, he liked to body-surf even more so he would always head back to shore. It tires them out quickly so you have to be nearby to help them if they start to sink - think of them as fat water airplanes that always have to be moving forward or they go down.

    Blossom doesn't like water and Walter hasn't made up his mind, yet. Anyway, you might consider getting a kiddie pool for about $10 and filling it up half way or so. Ozzie might really like to just sit or lie in it and vegetate.


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