Finally Friday and Happy Easter/Passover!

Here is a smiling Ozzie out on the deck after soaking in some sunshine! l aways thought that when I would see a picture of a "smiling" bulldog that it was a happy bulldog. Now I know that it's actually because he is over heated and is trying to cool himself down by panting. Not as cute as you thought, huh? Ozzie had spent way to much time in the sun and even though it was only 57 degrees he still got over heated. I don't know how bulldogs in Florida survive the heat down there?! They must spend all their days inside with the AC turned up high!
Hope you all have a wonderful Passover and a joyous Easter holiday this weekend!

I added a link below to give you some information on what happens when bulldogs and other flat nosed (brachycephalic) breeds over heat. Those who are not familiar with these breeds may not be aware how quickly this can occur and how dangerous it is for them!


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