Finally Friday - "Big" (Not the Movie!)

Feed me!

I am sure that Ozzie is less than thrilled about my recent attempts to reduce his calorie intake! Last night I gave him only 2/3 a cup of kibble with some mashed up green beans. He looked at me and wondered where the rest was! It's the only way he will lose some weight...I hope. Without much exercise going on in his day to day life he just has to be fed less. The rest of the family has to improve their willpower in resisting his sad sack face. Yes he always looks pathetically hungry but that is his downfall. Look at him for goodness sakes! Though our vet confided that his mother and father were probably bigger bullies and it just may be in his genetic makeup to be "big"! I can't justify our part in his being "big". Since we had him he has gained 7 pounds and that is all our doing! So we will all continue to be strong and not give in to his demands. "Oz ole boy it's for you own good!" I don't think he is buying it but he will thank me when it comes to bathing suit season!


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