Merchandise Monday

Monday has come around again! An evil necessity to get closer to Friday I suppose. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Nala certainly enjoyed herself. She is just always full of fun! She was visited by Bruce our landscaper on Saturday who played with her before he did the lawn ( it's mandatory of course!) then she ran over to our neighbor's Al and Clare and got several dog biscuits and then went for a walk with her friend Katie! Sunday was just more of the same. Ah it's good to be Nala!

Here is my bulldog item find of the week. A 14K gold bulldog pendant.  At $1423.00 it's a bit on the pricey side but one can always put it on their Christmas wish list and dream!

Kinda cute ...looks just like Nala who is my little gold bullie! I can't tell them apart! 

Have a good week all! Peace!


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