Merchandise Mondays

So another Halloween has come and gone. There weren't as many kids as in previous years but enough to keep Nala entertained. She ran to the door so many times that she was quite pooped at the end of the evening! In between the trick-or-treaters I caught Nala snacking on a package of Swizzlers licorice sticks! Yikes! You really have to keep an eye on them to make sure that they don't get into any candy!  I am sure the veterinarians office is busy enough without a visit from us!

The item for Merchandise Monday is a find from a friend mine who spotted this at Lowes. It's a bulldog garden statue. At $29.98 it's a steel! I wonder how Nala will feel about a life size bulldog that doesn't move or bark? Not much competition there huh?

Link item of the day for Merchandise Monday

Have a good week all!


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