Merchandise Monday

So sorry folks... I have been terrible about setting time for myself to keep up this blog. I am sure you all have been out there wandering the internet highway just waiting for my next post! Actually I was too busy enjoying the 70 degree day we had here in the NYC area, though it will be quickly forgotten when the snow comes in on Wednesday!

Here is my must have bulldog item for the week. I found this on the ever popular Etsy web site. 

It's a whimsical picture of bulldogs taking a ride in a Volkswagon bus. You gotta love the faces on these bullies! It comes in a 11 x 14 print and there are some other pics that this particular artist does of bullies and pugs that are real cute. Oh...wait my husband just pointed out that all the bulldogs are giving the "finger". I thought they meant bulldogs are number one! Oh well it's still cute!

Have a good night and I'll get back to you all before Thanksgiving! 


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