Sunday Deck Developments

Life has been a little bit busy as of late, sorry I haven't posted anything in a while! The latest development is that our deck has been torn down and we anticipating the new deck to go up in its place in the next several weeks. 

The old wood has been carted away to the dump except for a large pile that still remains and there are 6 large holes in the ground that are set for the new support poles. They have to be inspected by the building department in town and once they give it the green light they will go ahead and fill them with cement and set the poles in them.Then we are putting in a deck made from a composite material that is essentially wood and plastic combination that is pretty much maintenance free. 

Nala's world is a bit upside down and she is not quite understanding where the deck went and what is going on in her little back yard! This morning she was barking at the holes in the ground and wanted to fill them up with dirt! We have to watch her now when she's out there and make sure she isn't getting into any mischief! 

Meanwhile the weather cooled down today and you can just smell autumn in the air!

Have a good week and peace to all!


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