Merchandise Monday

With less than 10 days to Christmas and a mere day left until Hanuka the pressure is on to finish one's gift shopping! I have here a board game that's sure to win the hearts of anyone who loves bulldogs and a challenging game of Monopoly. It's Bulldog-opoly!

Providing hours of great family fun it can be purchased through Amazon for a mere $25.00!

Last night we took our yearly trip to visit the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.  It was it's usual majestic awesomeness! A lot of folks from all over the world come to see it every year and it's quite the site! It's still a great treat for me no matter how many times we have done it, and it makes the holiday season complete!

Nala has been extra specially good lately! I guess she wants her Christmas presents in a big way!

Here's hoping your shopping is going well and you find time to enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends!


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