Merchandise Monday

I am just typing away as Nala is barking up a storm here in the kitchen. What she has to say is not really clear since I am not too fluent in bulldog! It's starting to get a bit annoying but I guess negative attention is as good as any!

I was looking for a pair of bulldog socks and I found them on Amazon and the same ones on BA  They look pretty snazzy and I would think any bulldog aficionado would be proud to wear them at only $10.99!

 The next item I have tonight is an exclusive and may be the fashion statement of the year! It's an ador-a-bull tote bag featuring you know who!

Who wouldn't want to carry books and things in this versatile tote bearing the face of such a beauty! This one is going to make a Christmas gift for someone special!

Well I better continue my online Christmas shopping since there is only 16 days, 3 hours, 35 minutes and 23 seconds..22 seconds...21 well you know!


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