Finally Friday or What Shall I Wear?

We have reached the end of another wintry week! Phil the groundhog has predicted a sooner than later Spring and if you believe that I have a bridge that you might be interested in! My husband and I are packing up to go to Vermont this weekend for some skiing. ( Why, I thought when I can easily ski down my block?! ) It will be just Ozzie and Grandpa doing a little male bonding for the next 2 days! Any thoughts that Ozzie will stick to his diet has gone out the window! Whatever bribery food that it takes for Ozzie to cooperate for his G-Paw, it's okay! We will get back on track when I return!
I have found a neat website that sells clothing that caters to Bulldogs, Pugs and Frenchies. You know the broad chested breeds that seems to left out in the cold when it comes to canine wear! They have some neat jackets and harnesses that fit our big boys and girls just right. Of course the creator has a bullie of her own! It's called Cool Blue The only thing Ozzie has ever worn is a kids sweatshirt that I had to cut up to fit his big bullie head and neck through!
Check out the site! Cool Blue Dog
I should not fail to mention its happ
ens to be Super Bowl Sunday this weekend! I have no particular feelings for either team Green Bay or the Steelers, but I do like the commercials! So for that reason alone I will watch the game!
Enjoy the big game and stay warm!


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