Finally Friday or Don't Tread on my Turf!

We have reached the end of another wintry week and managed not to have any snow! The local weatherman declares there is a warming trend on its way and I can't wait! Once the temps go over freezing I am digging out my capri's from the closet! Ozzie is enduring the hibernation of winter well. His only disturbance of late is my son Will. Just about every time he comes in the door, Ozzie makes a mad dash at him! He snarls, growls and bares his chops like it was someone from the IRS! I can't understand this sudden aggression to Will?! Why it started once Will moved out I am not sure but prior to that it never happened! Ozzie seems to be more provoked when Will wears his black leather jacket. Perhaps Ozzie was attacked by a tall skinny man in a black jacket in his previous life?! I read up a little on this aggressive behavior and it could stem from Ozzie perceiving that Will is an adversary on his level in the dog pack hierarchy. Or could it just be plain old jealousy. " Will is the skinny one, you love him more!" I hope this doesn't require a dog therapist and the situation will works itself out! Though I did catch Ozzie throwing darts at Will's head shot the other day. Hmmm?!


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