Day Light Savings and Nala's Stroll

Nala is settling in quite nicely. Yesterday morning we went for a little walk around the neighborhood. She really enjoys the snow and romping through it! She has brought us much joy and I am sure Ozzie would have loved her! Everyone thinks she is still a puppy but at 2 years old she is a full grown bully girl. She is just full of rambunctious energy like a puppy!

Morning came early today with turning our clocks forward for day light savings time. Nala was up at  7:00 ish which in my book was really 6 ish! I guess dogs only obey their inner clock when it comes to time. With a sunny day ahead and temps in the 50's I guess we will be getting out today with Nala. Perhaps a walk with her new BFF Katie.

I would like to share a link for bulldog parents and all who are interested. It is a great forum for information on everything bulldog! Its a great resource and worth a look!

Everyone have a great week ahead! 

"Circling the frozen tundra!"


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