Happy Easter All!

What a weekend! Today we awake to a beautiful Easter Sunday! Nala has been doing well in her new environment! Friday we took her to the vet to get a wellness check up. She was due for her distemper vaccine and she got blood work for heart worm which came back negative. Also we had her ears cleaned which there was no infection of any kind!

 Center of attention!
 Troy the bulldog

Dr D said she is in over all good health. Yes thanks much to her previous owner who took great care of her. The staff was happy to see her. They had all loved Ozzie and they were glad that we got another bullie with an equally charming personality!

Saturday was the first warm-ish day of the season so we took a ride to the dog park. It was unusually crowded with dogs and humans alike. We were obligated to take her into the large dog section because she weighs over 25 pounds. We were a bit hesitant since there are dogs in there that tower over our petite girl. Of course she was the center of attention with everyone coming over to pet her. There was a very rambunctious boxer who wanted to play and Nala was having no part of him! After a while she made her way to the gate and we decided we wanted out too! The we took a stroll around the duck pond and met a boy bullie who was only 7 months old named Troy. Very ador-a-bull indeed!

After the park we drove by Wholistic Paws and got a few treats for Nala. On our way home she took a snooze in the car. Can't say I blame her, it was an exciting afternoon!

Wishing you all peace and joy this Easter!


  1. Sounds like Nala is settling in fabulously! I'm so glad you have this girl! She's so lucky!


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