Simpy Sunday and Nala Speaks!

Happy Spring all! Finally, some nicer weather is reaching our area though the heat still comes on in the house each morning, to let us know its chilly out there, we are slowly getting warmer!

Yesterday we went to a local groomer/dog supply store and bought a bag of Fromm's dog food. Janis, one of the volunteers at the MABR-bulldog rescue and Nala's foster mom recommended it. She feeds it to her pack of bullies and is very pleased with the nutritional value it provides and her bullies love the taste.  We purchased the Surf and Turf entree, grain free. The kibbles are small in size, actually just right for Nala. So I mixed some together with her original food, Eukanuba, and she ate a bit of it this morning. She is a fussy princess when it comes to food! Shh, I think I hear her at her bowl eating some more! Looks like this will be her new food going forward......I guess....lets see its only breakfast yet!

Okay, here is Nala's YouTube debut! It features her doing her bulldog speak. It can be a little whinny at times but its really cute!

Here is wishing all a great week ahead and peace to the world at large!


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