Simply Sunday and Raisin in the Sun

The other morning I saw Nala march down stairs to watch Grand-paw eat his breakfast and hopefully get a piece of something-something. This is now part of her AM routine. When she came back up with Grand-paw right behind her, I asked him if she was successful. "I gave her a bit of my toast!" "Whoa! Didn't you make raisin bread toast!" I asked in a panic. "No, I had whole wheat and I know better!" he calmly replied. I often give the run down on what not to feed a dog list, just in case anyone in this household forgets! Grapes and raisins are a no-no! It is not understood why some dogs show no signs after eating them and others become very sick. Vomiting and diarrhea can be symptoms with the worst scenario; renal failure. I was reading an article in the paper, (that grand-paw brought to my attention) how if you suspect your dog of consuming grape/raisin you should err on the side of caution and bring them to your vet. They would induce vomiting to get them out of your pups system and then put them on IV fluids for 24-48 hours while monitoring their kidney values. Now the best thing to do is not to leave these fruits of the vine anywhere near your dog. Below is a link from the ASPCA of people foods you should never give your pets.

Okay I got my PSA out of my system for the moment! Hope all of you have a great week ahead!

Peace to all!

"Hmm, did someone say "dinner"!


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