Simply Sunday and That's Quite a Tale!

The weekend has flown by and here it is Sunday evening and I am already dreading the Monday morning blues! Oh well that' life and unless I win the lottery I have to go in tomorrow!

I was perusing a English Bulldog forum and I came across a section on cleaning wrinkles, ears and tails. In the piece they showed the different types of tails bulldogs have. I thought I would share them with you.

There is the straight tail or the spike tail which hangs straight down and looks like a spike, which is the only type tail allowed for show dogs in Britain. Then there is the cork screw tail which is acceptable for show here in the states and I think is the cutest kind of tail on a bullie. Ozzie had a very handsome corkscrew tail that never had any issues.These two types of tails are considered standard. Now if you have a bullie with a gay tail, it does not indicate sexual preference one way or another but it simply means that the tail stands straight out and flails gayly as they run and play. The tight cork screw tail is problematic and prone to infections while the inverted tail has a pocket and actually grows inward to the dogs bum.

Now I am not sure what kind of tail Nala has. It's so small that it looks like a bunny's tail. I guess it sits in more towards her rump? Could it be considered inverted? I should of asked the vet when we were there last, but I didn't think of it. Well whatever it is classified as I think it's darn cute.

"Hey! What are you doing back there?!"

"Ok, now that's better!"

To those who lost their lives and all who were injured by the terrorist in Boston this past week, my sincerest prayers and thoughts are with them and their families! God bless the USA and all those folks all over the world that just desire peace. Goodness will prevail! 
Have a good week and keep the faith!


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