Finally Friday and Almost 4!

Of course now that Ozzie is spanking clean from his bath he decides he needs a facial and rubs his sour mug face on the garage floor! Good job Ozzie!

We will be celebrating Ozzie's 4th birthday on Sunday. Its also been 2 years since we adopted our Oz. Its hard to imagine a time when we didn't have him in our lives!
I asked Ozzie what he wanted for his birthday and he told me bullysticks, a bunch of them. He is easy to please. I am sure we will have liver cake and party hats and if any of his doggie friends come by we will invite them in to party.

Since July is almost over and the dog days of August are upon us I will leave you with some pool antics of a bulldog named Gus. Looks like he is having a blast with his kiddie pool.

Hope you all have a blast this weekend and maybe get a kiddie pool of your own to cool off in!


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