Birthday Bully Boy

Wow that is quite the alliteration! Yes he was the birthday bully boy this Sunday. Recipient of presents and treats. He really likes tug toys it seems. We bought him one that promoted itself as practically indestructible. It seemed pretty tough but within an hour he had chewed a tear into the material. Oh well, unless its made out of Kevlar I assume Ozzie will destroy it! His dinner was a birthday beef burger and he had yogurt pupsicles for dessert. Life is good!

My husband and I have been kicking around the idea of opening up an Holistic pet food store for dogs and cats. We have looked at a couple of storefronts for rent and have worked up some numbers not really knowing how realistic they are. The places we have looked at lets say need some work and for the most part are a little high for a start up business. When we looked at our income numbers for the month it came out to only 500.00. Not really much of an income for all that investment and work. Hm, we may have to do a little more research on the subject. We have thought out the name of the store however, it will be called Ozzie's Holistic Pet Food Emporium. Though that may be a little long for a storefront sign. Cost may drive the name down to just Ozzie's'!

It's now the start of August and I feel the weeks of summer are dwindling. With no vacations on the horizon at least we have a few day trips planned ahead. August 1st is also tax day. I refer to the dreaded real estate taxes. If you live in New Jersey or New York you know what I mean when I say dreaded! They are so crazy high in this area. What we have to pay quarterly is the tax bill for a whole year in some other parts of the country. Ozzie's Emporium better make a boat load of cash for us or we may have to just count on winning the lottery! The latter being the more probable of the two!

Happy Monday gang!


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