Heart Worm Medicine All Year Around

We have a massive amount of mosquitoes in our neighborhood. I should know I have been bitten a zillion times this summer. Mosquitoes are the little demons that transfer the parasite that cause heart worm disease in your pet. The larvae make their way through your dogs bloodstream and grow and multiply in their heart and lungs. Coughing would be the first symptom of heart worm. This disease can be avoidable with medication that is given once a month. I give Ozzie his HW medication( Interceptor) year round to be sure that he is fully protected and have him tested every 12 months. Believe me you rather spend the money on medication than the costly veterinarian treatment that would be necessary if your pup or kitty had heart worm. Mostly you wouldn't want them to suffer when this is totally preventable. Take a moment to watch the PSA video at the American Heat Worm site and pass it along to your friends and family that have pets. It could save a pet's life! Right Oz? Arf!



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