Monday at Last!

The Beast of the East 2011 team

Hello Monday and another week ahead. The weekend was busy and for us and probably quite boring for Ozzie. Saturday was the 100 mile bicycle ride appropriately named Beast of the East that my husband and 13 of his friends do every year for the past 8 years. Its a bike ride from Flanders NJ to Seaside Park NJ. It is composed of 100 sweaty miles of grueling New Jersey road ways filled of drivers with road rage and distractions like texting and ordering pizzas! Definitely not a ride for sissies. The end of the ride is topped off with a barbecue hosted by Steve and Karen at their summer home in Seaside. It was a lovely evening as we dined al fresco and when we left it had just started to rain so good timing by Mother Nature. Ozzie was so happy to see us when we got in around at 11:20 PM that he practically jumped into my husbands lap. Not that he was alone all day he was with Grandpa but it's not the same as having Mom and Pop home. We felt guilty so we stayed up a while and played tug o war with him and I kept him company on the couch watching TV until he fell asleep!

We were out Sunday too at another barbecue and even though we could of brought Ozzie with us, it was muggy and humid with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees. I thought it was better he stay home in the air conditioning where he would be more comfortable. I guess Ozzie is the only one who is glad that its Monday since his schedule is not disrupted during the week days.

In the mean while I will leave you with the mantra "Life is Good" or at least that's what it says on this mug that my brother-in-law and his wife got us with Ozzie's mug on it. Though I guess its true when you think of it. Maybe it should really read "Life is not Perfect, but Life is Good!"


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