Dog-Nappings on the Rise

Good Monday morning to you! Phew that weekend went by fast. We had the A/C fixed on Saturday, thank goodness! It turned out to be a glitch in some bypass switch. It was a quick and cheap fix, thank goodness! Though our compressor unit is almost 20 years old and its just a matter of time. We may still get some life out of it at least until the end of this season. I didn't get around to making the Paw-mesan Tail Twisters. We were busy with gatherings, birthday celebrations etc. I will get to them during the week for sure and let you know how they turn out.

Now a cautionary "tale" of dog-napping. A man in Mesa Arizona had his proud brood of 6 English Bulldog puppies that he left unattended in his fenced in backyard. When he returned to check on them he discovered them all missing! They had been dog-napped! He reported the theft of his missing bullie pups to the police. He then went on line to a local site perhaps a Craig List and actually recovered two of the puppies the perpetrator had advertised for sale!

There has been a 49% increase of dog theft across the nation. Perhaps due to economic hard times people are stealing desirable dogs to keep as their own or to profit from selling. Bulldogs are on the top of the list since they are expensive dogs. A puppy can go upwards to 3000 dollars!
You have to be vigilant and never leave your dog unattended. Don't be tempted to tie them outside and run in for a latte. Even leaving them alone in your yard makes them a target. Make sure he has ID tags and even micro chip them so you have a better chance of recovering them if they are stolen or lost!I

Also to consider if your pet winds up missing the AKC's Lost Pet Alert. The service works like an Amber Alert for pets and sends out an e-mail notification to veterinarians, shelters and animal control agencies within a 50-mile radius asking them to be on the lookout.

I have to think that Ozzie would be difficult to dog-nap! He won't come when called even with a piece of cheese in hand. Besides that he weighs 80 lbs. Who is going to pick him up and steal off into the night with him? A Sumo wrestler perhaps?

In the meantime have a great day and watch your doggies like you would your children. Because after all they are your fur children and are just as priceless!


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