Words for Wednesday!

I was awakened this morning by the sounds of grunting. No I was not in the middle of a pig farm or in the Sumo wrestling tryouts for the Olympics. It was the sound of Ozzie trudging up the stairs in search of his morning breakfast. On mornings when I over sleep Ozzie will let me know that it is time to get up. He has to be hungry to make that journey all the way to the second floor! When he arrives in my bedroom he does not bark but does what I refer to as Bulldog speak. It is apparently common among Bulldogs and it is almost a language all to their own. I can only describe it as an attempt to talk. It is like someone trying to get words out of their mouth that don't quite make it! I find it amusing but I think Ozzie gets annoyed when I laugh. He is trying to tell me something important and he doesn't think its funny at all! I guess if there were subtitles under him it would say "Woman, get up and feed me!"
I haven't been able to catch Ozzie on film doing this but I found a great example on You Tube. I can only hope that Rosetta Stone comes out with their CD's for learning Bulldog Speak soon!
Yes, yes Ozzie I am coming ...I know now you gotta do your business. ARRRRgh!


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