NJ Emergency Shelters Welcome Pets

Maryellen Small of Beachwood, a volunteer for the Ocean County Animal Response Team, carries supplies past a stack of pet carriers at the Red Cross shelter at the Poland Spring Arena in Toms River, where they are preparing for residents of Seaside, along with their pets, who have nowhere to go after evacuating ahead of hurricane Irene.

This is a special Hurricane Irene edition of RTOABD. I just wanted to make folks in New Jersey aware that local shelters set up for the pending hurricane allow you to bring pets. Yesterday Governor Christie announced just that. "No one should be staying in their homes in an endangered area because they feel like they can't bring their pets with them," Christie said.
All shelters welcome our fur companions, though you must bring their supplies, litter, food etc. with you. Ozzie is all prepared for Irene. He has all his supplies of food and treats and will honker down with some of his favorite canine films such as Turner and Hooch. Ozzie will continue to keep us all posted as the storm progresses so take this afternoon to get ready for Irene.


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