Good Vibrations!

"What?! Did I miss something?"

Yesterday in the New York City metropolitan area there was a little rocking and rolling going on, and not the musical kind. An earthquake that centered in Virginia resulted in a little bit of rattling for local residents. Though it was strong enough in the DC area to crack the Washington monument here in our area it was quite mild resulting in no damages.

Now dogs and animals in general are suppose to sense earthquakes before humans do. If we had to use Ozzie as our quake barometer we would be out of luck. I believe at the time it hit he was fast asleep on the couch. Now after that event we have a hurricane to contend with. Hurricane Irene is baring down along the East coast for this weekend and there are warnings on TV to be prepared. For Ozzie that means plenty of doggie jerky treats and a supply of bullie sticks.

"Wait what is that rumbling aftershock perhaps?! No sorry it was just Ozzie getting off the couch!"


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