Good Bye Irene!

Irene exiting with much wind about her!

Ozzie told me he wants a "I Survived Hurricane Irene" t-shirt. Actually other than some water in the basement and being stuck in the house for a couple of days, we got off easy. Here in the North East there are folks still battling flooding as a result of Irene dumping anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rain.
Ozzie has been hesitant to go outside with all the wind and rain. This morning he spent a little more time doing his morning constitutional than usual. Maybe making up for lost time this weekend! Now its the chore of cleaning up debris left behind from Irene while looking at the last week of the official summer season. Why does the summer go so darn quick unlike the endlessly long months during the cold, dark winter?! Actually Ozzie enjoys the cooler temps and might go for a walk or two!
Hoping you all fared well this weekend and enjoy the sun last!


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