Finally Friday and Beast of the East

I thought I was the Beast of the East!?

This weekend is filled up with agenda already. Saturday is the famous "Beast of the East" bicycle ride. It's a 100 mile trek from Flanders NJ to Seaside Park NJ. The team of bikers are mostly composed of middle age men. We consider it a triumph when they all make it down there without EMS assistance! Well all kidding aside they do train and build up to it and its rather impressive that they do the ride in under 8 hours! I will ride down (in a car of course) and greet the weary road warriors at the end of ride barbecue. Ozzie will stay up north in the AC with Grandpa and do 100 winks on the couch!

Whatever you do this weekend have fun and stay safe and try to slip in a nap or two!


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