Vick gets Big Bucks Contract

A story of one of Vick's Dogs that was rescued.

"Michael Vick sucks!" says Ozzie.

It was announced in the news this morning that Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick has been offered a six year, 100 million dollar contract. Now maybe most folks would say good for him he is a great player and deserves the mega deal he got. There are those who argue that he was punished sufficiently for his involvement in dog fighting and served 25 months in jail for his misdeeds to the dogs he owned. He has made a point to do public service speeches about animal cruelty and the evils of dog fighting. A changed man.... perhaps?

But those who love dogs may have a different opinion about the deal. One who can carry out dog executions and watch dogs duel to their deaths has some deep rooted evil in them that 2 years in jail just doesn't erase. At least in my book. Who wouldn't comply and do the time and present the image of an animal activist when they know he was in 19 million dollars in debt to his former team the Falcons and there was possibility of coming back to big pay days once again! Sorry, I will never feel forgiving toward Vick or think that he has redeemed himself to the public. My disappointment also lies in the NFL that welcomed him back for the only reason they saw a money making machine for the organization and disregarded his lack of humanity and ignored the bad example he had set for young people.

We seem to be living in a society that rewards bad behavior. Celebrities can steal, drive drunk and smash their cars up and beat their spouses and still come out of it smelling like a rose. Simply because the public wants to forgive the celebrity and the media still wants to continue to ride their gravy train.

This is one Jane Q Public that is not so forgiving, especially where Vick is concerned. Perhaps if he gave a percentage of his hefty paycheck to the ASPCA, maybe then I would start to turn around on the subject, but until then the mention of his name still makes me nauseous.


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