Vet Recheck and the Casey Anthony Verdict

"I am sleeping and I don't want to hear you!"

It was a trip back to the vets today for a recheck on Ozzie's ears. Unfortunately Dr. Tracey found them still swollen shut. Hearing for Oz right now is like trying to hear through cork earplugs while jet planes are roaring over head! Poor Ozzie! Dr Tracey put him on some new meds including drops and a medication called
Atopica. It aids the immune system to not over react to the allergents that are creating the swelling, itching etc. The side effect with Atopica is nausea. But not all dogs experience it. It has to be better than the Prednisone which made him thirsty and caused him to pee on the rug! The only other solution if this situation persists is surgery to remove the ear canal. Sounds a bit drastic to me but lets see what the new medication can do. I just know with the cost of this I am going to be doing my own hair and dentistry for a while!!

Now to comment on the Casey Anthony verdict. As most of the country I was shocked and taken aback on the jury's not guilty decision on the 1st degree murder and lesser manslaughter and aggravated child abuse charges. I thought for sure that the evidence even though circumstantial would point to Casey as the perpetrator of her daughter's death. I have to respect our jury system and conclude that they did not have enough evidence to prove her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I assume that when she is sentence for the lesser charges of lying to authorities she will get "time served" for her three years in prison and walk free. In my opinion she will always be imprisoned by the situation she created that lead to Caylee's death and the public at large which reviles her and views her as a depraved, selfish individual. Her life will never be normal.
If not this world Casey but the next one you will be judged were God will have no doubt to what you have done!


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