Finally Friday and Ending the Attacks

Day 4 of gloomy rain and flash floods in the area. Ozzie finds it a bit depressing and so do I. Though the weekend forecast in the Tri-state area is suppose to be mostly sunny and in the low 80's so we are waiting patiently.

I didn't get to mention the other day about Oz's vet Dr Tracey, suggestion about how to handle the Ozzie attacking Will situation. She thinks when Will comes to the door while we are home that Ozzie feels he has to defend his family and turf. She suggested that William announce himself when he arrives and has a "10,000 dollar treat" on him to offer to the Oz. Practicing this kind of entrance will have Ozzie equate Will's arrival as a good thing. We gave it a try yesterday. Will rang the door bell and Ozzie got excited and I told him " Will is here, lets go see him!" I gave Will a pork skin roll treat stick (something he rarely gets) to have in hand upon his initial entrance. Wow it worked! Ozzie was more interested in the treat than acting aggressive. I will have to make sure that William is well supplied with pork rolls. Not good for would-be burglars to be aware of! We'll see if we can continue this gracious greeting going forward!

I made the Pupsicle frozen yogurt treats for Ozzie. I must admit they were pretty easy to whip up and the leftover yogurt mix I drank as a smoothie! Oz really enjoyed them (there isn't much that he doesn't enjoy) and they will be our new Summer treat.

Here is wishing you all a wonderful first weekend of Summer!


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