Finally Friday and a House Call by Dr Oz

I was watching Dr Oz yesterday and he had a segment of his show devoted to canine health. They featured a bulldog, who's name I have forgotten but a nice looking bully boy, I call him Bubba for now. They filmed Bubba at his home where he had a place at the family dinner table (yes his own plate setting) and ate pretty much what everyone in the family consumed. At night when his young master had a bowl of ice-cream so did he! I loved when they showed him playing "fetch" in the back yard. The typical bulldog, he watched the kid fetch the ball!
They brought the bulldog on stage with Dr Oz who weighed our allegedly chunky pooch. He got on the scale and low and behold he weighed 60 pounds! Dr Oz went on to tell the owner how they have to follow a new diet (using their sponsors dog food Pedigree, of course!) and could they do it for Bubba's endangered health!? The owner nodded enthusiastically and off the stage they went. I would like to see the follow up visit with Bubba and his family. Bad habits like that are hard to break and somehow I think he will continue to get his nightly ice-cream!
Now let me tell you that 60 pounds is a normal weight for a male bulldog. I could only wish that Ozzie weighed that much but then again he is a big boned boy! I think bulldogs get a bad rep for their portly figures. The Oz weighs 19 pounds more than the bulldog on the show and he would probably be the better choice for that segment! Maybe we should write to Dr Oz and see if would be interested in a real chubby bulldog who shares the same name?!
I have to go now and feed Ozzie his breakfast. I could imagine that he is now sitting at the table waiting for his Eggs Benedict but in reality he is sleeping on the couch until I serve him his weight management style kibble in his bowl!
Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Really, Ozzie doesn't look fat to me, and I do know that a male bulldog isn't usually going to be any LESS than 60 lbs. I don't know what these people are talking about!

  2. Thanks Lola and Franklin! I knew I wasn't crazy! That bulldog on Dr Oz was nearly anorexic!

  3. Linda we had been trying to put a little weight on Tyke he is a slender 52 pounds. The vet said it's just the way he is and he is very healthy so we are no longer trying to have him put on weight.


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