Born to Sniff

"I smell cheese!"

I can't help but be fascinated and follow tirelessly the Casey Anthony trial. I guess the whole country is checking out the infamous Casey who is accused of callously murdering her daughter and for a month after wards was partying and living the good life until she finally confessed to her mother that Caylee was "missing'!

Yesterday they brought to the witness stand the canine officer Deputy Jason Forgey who's German Sheppard, Gariss, the cadaver dog alerted police to the smell in the Anthony's backyard and the trunk of Casey's car. The defense attorney, Jose Baez, tried to discredit the dog, saying he was trying to please his master first rather than finding the scent he was trained for. The defense is just getting desperate in my opinion. Cadaver dogs are trained to ignore live human scent and only alert on human remains. They will ignore all other smells like those of dead animals , rotting food etc. They can even detect bodies under water! Their accuracy rate is nearly 100%.
I trust dogs more than people in all accounts. I know that Ozzie can smell a piece of cheese three rooms away, in a deep sleep no less!

I will be watching the trial again today to see how the defense continues to disprove the findings of the police's canine force. I think in the end they will fail because as any dog owner knows that their pooch was born to sniff!


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