Laptops, Viruses and Pupsicles

I am a little late in the day for posting on the blog but there were technical difficulties to attend to this morning. I encountered an awful virus on my laptop over the weekend and had to take it to our friend Glen to have the nasty invader eradicated. Glen had to run several anti-virus programs so I ended up leaving it there with him. It may take some doing to clean it up!

Any how we had a nice weekend. On Father's Day, Ozzie presented his Pop with a customized mouse pad with a picture of guess who on it. Pop couldn't be happier if you gave him season tickets to the Yankees ( I think?). Auntie Viv and Will came over to have a barbecue with us and Ozzie was probably the recipient of some barbecue goodies from Auntie who can't resist that face! Ozzie did try to go after Will when he walked in the house, again, and his Pop had to physically hold him back. I can't wait to talk to the veterinarian tomorrow and see if we can put our heads together to get to the bottom of this troubling behavior! Once Will is in the room he calms down and has no more issues with him. Very odd indeed. Ozzie was an attentive host for the rest of the evening and saw everyone to the door as they left making sure there wasn't anymore treats to be had.

Speaking of treats, I found an interesting summer treat recipe online for man's best friend and I'll tell you I wouldn't mind it for myself. They are yogurt/fruit ice cubes and seem easy enough to whip up. I think I will give it a whirl this week for Ozzie and let you know if he gives it a paws up or down.

Here you go and let me know if anyone out there ends up making it for their doggies (or themselves!).


Ingredients: two mashed bananas, one cup strawberries (fresh or frozen), one cup organic apple juice, and two cups yogurt (plain or vanilla). Instructions: Puree all ingredients in a blender, pour into ice cube trays or small plastic cups, freeze for one hour or more as needed, and thaw just so slightly before serving.

Bone Appetit!


  1. Ozzie you need to wett us know bhen you try those yummy tweats. And Oz stop going after the uncle


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