Ozzie Can You Hear Me?

Summer is now in full swing. Schools are in recess and the heat and humidity are turned on high! Ozzie has retreated to the AC and is quite content. Well except for the medication he is taking for his ear infection.
He is on Prednisone in minimal doses and it is suppose to alleviate the swelling in his inner ear, which is just about closed shut with a yeast infection. Maybe all those times I thought he was ignoring me he really was not able to hear me very well?!
The problems with Prednisone is that the side effects are not too pleasant at least in Ozzie's case. First off it increases hunger ( oh great there goes the diet this week). Secondly he is thirsty as a bulldog in the desert. Another result of that is he has to pee more often. I found this out when I discovered the carpet in the family room was wet the other day as I stepped onto it in bare feet! Then when we left him with Grandpa he peed on the kitchen floor. Not good, especially for my Oriental rug and wood floor! We are almost done with the meds so hopefully its doing its job other than making Oz a peeing machine!
Yes with summer comes heat, humidity and yeast infections!


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