Ozzie the Cool Blue Bullie

Ozzie received a package the other day. The UPS man was greeted by an anxious Oz at the door. The man in brown inquired if he was a bulldog. As I nodded yes he inquired "What were they originally bred for?" "They were bred to bait bulls in a ring. It was a sporting event back in the 1800's" I told him. The UPS man looked at Ozzie with a questionable expression. "Well I think the original bulldog was a little more leaner and muscular!" Ozzie looked at me as if to say "What? You don't call this body muscular?" I brought in the package and opened it up. In it was his tank top that I ordered from Cool Blue Dog. They make cool clothes for hard to fit breeds like bullies, pugs and Frenchies. You know the barrel chested canines, that usually are left out in the cold when it comes to apparel. They are touting their Spring collection which includes tank tops with some lets say "breed appropriate" slogans. As I unwrapped the tank I looked at it and thought that it may not fit Ozzie. I emailed the owner of Cool Blue, Angela and she told me that they are very stretchable, so I gave it a try. Indeed they must have some Lycra in them because I was able to get it over Ozzie's girth! Though it may accentuate his love handles, I think as our quest to lose weight continues it will look better on him in time! I can't wait until the next Bulldog Beach Bash down the Jersey shore in Belmar! (Quite the alliteration!) It's in the beginning of October and the Oz should be svelte by then! He will definitely be the coolest bullie on the beach sporting his tank top!


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