Visit to the Vet and Diet Dilemma

Yesterday was Ozzie's annual check up. It was the usual cajoling to get him into the car. I had to start off 30 minutes earlier than I would normally need in order to get him there on time. It is like he has a 6Th sense about going to the vets!
As we waited inside the examining room he plastered himself to the tile floor in the corner hoping not to be seen. The vet technician came in to get Oz in order to draw some blood samples out of him. He went willingly. When they returned she said that she had a hard time getting blood from him since the usual spot they take it from, the neck, was to hard to penetrate with all that fat. Then she tried his back leg but that had too much muscle so finally she used the front leg which they don't normally do. Dr. Tracey was happy to see Oz but I don't think he was too thrilled. It ended up he had a yeast infection in both ears with a mild case of conjunctivitis in his right eye, which is perennially red most of the time! Of course his weight, a hefty 80 pounds was discussed. Dr Tracey suggested a new diet regime. I have heard of it before, its Hills Prescription Diet Therapeutic Weight Reduction. It's prepackaged food and treats that you feed Fido over a 4 week period and they guarantee your pooch will lose weight. We are willing to give it a try at this point, there are not too many options. Though Dr Tracey has conceded that it just may not be in Ozzie's DNA to be thin! As we waited in the outer office for the meds and food, Ozzie walked behind the desk with all the staff so he could keep a watchful eye on what was going on. They all love him there because he is such the character.
One lady who was waiting with her kitty cat came up to Ozzie to pet him and asked if he was a Shar-pei. When I told her he was a Bulldog she replied that she "Gets the "wrinkled" dogs confused." I told her that Shar-pei's are a little taller!

Wish us luck, today is day one on the diet which we have to ease into with mixing the old and new food together as not to upset his tummy. We have to return in 10 days for a recheck so we can see if Ozzie has become the "biggest loser"!


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