Cujo and the Congresswoman

I must admit it was a slow weekend. Which is not a bad thing. Ozzie mostly worked on his foot long bully stick when he wasn't napping! The biggest jolt of excitement for Ozzie was when my son Will came over for a visit on Saturday. His entrance into the house prompted a reaction that of Cujo from the Oz! I still have no sound reason why the usually benign bulldog goes crazy like a guard dog at used car lot every time Will walks in the door. Maybe in his life before us some tall, skinny guy kicked him or stole his kibble? I will talk to the vet about this when he goes for his check up next week.

Speaking of which, I better make a list of all the issues I need to discuss with Dr Tracey. His latest skin eruption is in the upper corner of his left eye which usually never has any irritation. I think the warmer weather brings out some allergens that causes skin problems for many dogs. Of course we will have the talk about his weight. There is no getting around that! Though he dropped 2 pounds from the winter months!

I just wanted to mention a nice story that was in the news this weekend. Especially with all the negative news like Congressman Anthony Weiner's internet antics and the grueling Casey Anthony trial that we have been bombarded with of late.
The first pictures of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford were posted on her Facebook page since her tragic attack back in January. They were taken last month and show her smiling. Her hair is short and darker, and you can see the left side of her head has a depression in it from the injury. Even with all of this her smile radiates hope and triumph over a difficult situation! She is certainly resilient and wish we her the best in her continuing recovery.

I hear snoring in the next room. I guess that signifies morning nap time! Can't think of anything better to do on a rainy Monday morning. Move over Oz! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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