Acorns are for Squirrels

Ozzie telling Harley to leave the acorns to the stupid squirrels and eat more cheese!

Now that its Fall and leaves will soon be changing color and Oak trees will drop their bounty of acorns I wanted to make everyone aware of the potential danger of acorns. You may think, "So what my dog has nibbled on them occasionally." A small amount may cause some mild stomach indigestion but eaten in greater quantities, the gallotannins they contain can cause kidney damage. Typical symptoms are stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation, while whole acorns can also block your pup's digestive tract. Ozzie has a friend Harley who is a determined Pom-Chi and just loves his acorns. Now that Ozzie has told Harley to not eat them in a recent dog to dog conversation, Harley will hopefully have the will power to stay away from them and leave them to the squirrels.


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