Fall is in the Air

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day! Okay enough of Oklahoma, but it really is a beautiful morning, for a Monday that is.

The weekend went fast and Ozzie enjoyed himself. His skin infection has almost cleared up though he is still taking medication. My husband and I took Ozzie to a local park for a little exercise on Saturday. We figured the weather was perfect. Fall like and cool with temps around 70 degrees, bulldog weather! Ozzie was curious when we arrived, taking small steps and sniffing the air. There was a walking path around the pond and we decided that would do it for Ozzie. Taking his time, he stopped to greet people sitting on the benches. I think he was more interested in sitting on the bench with them than walking. We got about two thirds around when we found a bench to sit on and watched some kids fish for sunnies in the pond. Ozzie eventually made it all the way back to the car while artfully dodging goose poop that was every where! Eww!

Now that we are entering the Fall season, I want to remind everyone to continue to apply your pets flea and tick protection. Just because the warmer weather is done that doesn't mean that these nasty critters are! Here is an interesting article that has some good information on fall flea and tick prevention and certain applications you should be aware of.


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