Alarming Afternoon

Can't a guy get a decent nap around here without alarms going off?!

Yesterday was a mixed bag of weather here in Jersey. I believe at one point it was sunny and muggy then it took a nasty turn with some thunder and lightening and even hail in some areas.

This all occurred in the afternoon as Ozzie was taking one of his power naps. Thunder as it may it did not awaken the sleeping bulldog prince. Then all of the sudden the house alarm went off like it was warning us of the end of the world! Ozzie flew 3 feet off the couch and began barking furiously! I ran to the control panel and fumbled to enter our code on the keypad. What the heck? Ozzie was still barking like a crazed canine when the alarm central station called and asked if everything was OK. "We are fine but the alarm went off for no reason, it wasn't even activated!" She then told me that they had already called the police and they were on their way over. Seems the type of alarm that went off was the panic mode where you have to push a code that indicates get here on the double. I told her that I didn't set the alarm at all never mind entering the panic code.

Sure enough the police were on our porch and Ozzie started barking again. I went to door and Ozzie strutted out on the porch as if to say " Hello officers, how are you today?" I told them we were fine and the one police man said that they were responding to a panic alarm. "That means to us like someone is chasing you around with a knife!" I explained that I never even activated the alarm and that it maybe lightening from the storm set it off. They took my name and then looked at Ozzie who wasn't wearing his collar ( he likes to sleep in the buff) . I told the cops that he was okay and would not bother them. Ozzie seemed happy to see them! Maybe he can identify with law enforcement? I apologized for the inconvenience and they left. Ozzie returned to the couch probably more exhausted than ever and was back to sleep with a blink of an eye!

I guess Ozzie's call to duty mode sets in when necessary. I am still trying to figure why the alarm did what it did but I guess it was like a test of the emergency broadcast system!

Too much excitement for Ozzie so were are hoping to have a calm weekend. Here is hoping your weekend is as calm as you like it to be!


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