Finally Friday and Remebering September 11th

This Sunday will mark the 10 year anniversary of the attack on our country's soil by radical Muslim terrorists. We lost almost 3000 people that day and subsequently countless others who where first responders that fell ill and or passed away from being there for months on end at Ground Zero to recover and repair the damage done. All sorts of memorial ceremonies will take place across the country and reverent and sober speeches will be made.

I will never forget that day as I watched out of my office window from across the Hudson as the second plane crashed into the towers. The horror, disbelief and dread was plainly visible on my and my co-workers faces. Was this a terrible accident? Were we being attacked? Were there be more assaults on us before the day was over? The rest of the day was a nightmare but not to compare to the nightmare experience by folks on those planes and in the twin towers and the Pentagon that day! There is no way to fathom the loss by all of the families or recount the thousands of acts of heroism that occurred, but maybe this Sunday we can all take a moment to remember. A moment of silence, a prayer, attending a local memorial ceremony or simply fly an American flag in solidarity with all those that remember and will never forget.


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