Finally Friday and All That Jazz

After Ozzie received his second chemo last Friday he seemed fine! The usual lethargic behavior but nothing more. Not until a couple of days later! Ozzie came down with bloody diarrhea on Tuesday. Always a unsettling thing to witness, I freaked and called the vet immediately who prescribed Flagyl or generically called Metronidazole  . This medication acts as an antibiotic that works on the GI tract and also helps to calm the diarrhea. Our vet Dr. Tracey, seemed less concerned over the BD then us. She explained that it was a side effect from the chemo and that the drug was attacking the rapid divide of the cancer cells that are found abundant in the intestinal tract. She also recommended a diet of boiled chicken and rice for a few days. He has had some smaller episodes since taking the medication and hopefully this is working its way out of his system! Still very upsetting to see this go on with our poor boy. Though his appetite his still over the top and he is acting fine otherwise! He enjoys chewing on his Nyla-bone and is always seeking a hand out from the dinner table. I know the Dog Whisperer would be appalled, but now a days all good dog behavior expectations have gone out the window! 

  What I refer to as the Bulldog stance, while happily gnawing at his Nyla-Bone!

Again to all of you, thanks for your concern and well wishes! A special thanks to Melinda and Don for your call the other day! Have a wonderful weekend!


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