Finally Friday and Hiding from the Heat

Ozzie really seems much like his ole self this week. His appetite equals at least 4 bulldogs lately and his outings to pee are more frequent all thanks to the prednisone but if that is the worst thing we will take it! There are some things that he doesn't do anymore. He doesn't go up on the couch in the family room which was his favorite place to roost! It's not that he can't physically do it ( he got up there real quick last night for a  taste of some of Pops ice cream) its just that he chooses not to. He rather lay on the wood floor these days maybe because its cooler?! The weather here has been hot, hot, hot! With day time temperatures in the 90's its not fit for man or bulldog out there. 

Ozzie also doesn't nap as long as he use to. He was in the habit of taking long morning naps after his breakfast but now he seems wide awake all the time. I wonder if the medication has something to do with it or his body chemistry has changed?! Well anyway as we roll into the weekend and Ozzie begins his 4th year with us we will do some barbecue and try to keep cool. Saturday's weather forecast has an excessive heat watch for our area because the temps will be in the high 90's with heat index values in the 100 degree range.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!

This is the hungry face staring at me day and night! "Please Mom, can I have some more!"

I have a box fan that I plop in front of where ever Ozzie is laying to give him extra breeze on days like this. Even though we have central AC it still can get a little warmer in the house midday.

Keep your pets indoors and have a cool weekend!

Over Heating in Dogs


  1. Agree! Hudson always has a/c running and a fan in front of his face or crate! :)
    So glad your happy boy is happy!


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