Happy 4th of July and 3rd Anniversary for Ozzie

Happy birthday America! As we celebrate the 236th anniversary of America's independence from England, folks will be barbecuing and watching fireworks all over the nation! Its been hot, hot hot here and the week ahead does not look any better. Certainly not bulldog weather. Ozzie is feeling good and has been laying low for the most part. Only going outside to do his business and rushing back in!

I have been making Ozzie some special food to supplement his body's immunity system against the cancer. I boiled some organic chicken breast along with broccoli and organic brown rice. He loves it (what doesn't he love?!) and happily gobbles it up. The Prednisone makes him thirsty and super hungry. He now wakes up at 5:00 AM to eat breakfast and go poddy. Oh well as long as he is eating well and doing his business well I am happy!

July 5th is the 3 year anniversary of Ozzie's adoption. That day was super hot too and when we arrived at his foster home and got a glimpse of Ozzie it was love at first sight! Maybe an organic steak is in order for the day to celebrate? What do you say ole boy? 

Fireworks are great for kids and adults but not so for our pets. Though not much seems to ruffle Ozzie's feathers his friend Katie the silky Terrier is quite shaken by them. Her mom bought her a Thundershirt. She says it seems to calm her anxieties. Maybe something to check out if your pup gets nervous with separation anxiety or thunderstorms, fireworks etc.?! I am not sure if they make a Thundershirt that fits a bulldogs physique though?!

Whatever you do have a happy and safe 4th of July!


  1. Happy gotcha day for Ozzie! I think a steak is well in order! :)
    Glad to hear he's doing well!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Ozzie! What a great day :-). Good to hear that he is feeling well. Enjoy the holiday!


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