Palooza Tuesday

Sunshine was in abundance on Saturday for MABR's Bully Palooza at the Wonder Bar, which probably led to good attendance, people and dogs alike! The Wonder Bar is a local fixture in Asbury Park. A quirky place that makes a mean burger and hosts some rocking bands! During the warmer weather they have a Yappy Hour where you can bring your dog and chill in an outside gated area while having a beer or go for a dip in a plastic kiddie pool. (The dogs doing the dipping that is!)

There were bullies everywhere of all colors and sizes and it was a beautiful sight to behold for the bulldog aficionado! Nala was a bit over whelmed but did make friends with a handsome dude named Oliver! It was ten dollars a person for admission (dogs where admitted free) and you received a bunch of numbered tickets to place next to all the various bulldog themed prizes that they raffled a Chinese auction. Sad to say we didn't win a thing but the prize of the day was having this special outing with Nala!

Nala was exhausted and snoozed on the ride home with a look of content on her sleepy face! We will definitely do it again next year!  

Here are some pics of the Palooza! 


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