Monday, May 14, 2012

Too Hot for Ozzie!

Saturday was so beautiful that we decided to take Ozzie to a local park in the afternoon. A slow stroll in the park was definitely the ticket for the day, we thought.

We started off easy in the shade slowly making our way down to the dog park enclosures. Ozzie did is usual slow gate and we followed. He chose to remain outside of the dog park fence and masterfully peed on it as the other pups stared from inside. Ozzie thinks it looks too much like a stalag barracks and rather remain on the outside of the fence! It wasn't long before Ozzie started to lead us back to the car. There he began panting like mad and we quickly gave him some water. All the way he panted  heavily in the back of the car while we cranked the AC.  Luckily a short ride home we got  him in the house and started to give him ice cubes to cool him down. A half dozen ice cubes later he recouped but I was worried. This was the first warm day in the upper 70's and we had forgotten how little it takes for Ozzie to over heat. 

Bulldogs have difficulty in cooling down since dogs cool themselves through their breathing. Their flat snout is not very efficient in the exchange of air flow. Also the bulldogs windpipe or trachea is very narrow exasperating the situation! Hot pavement also adds to the heat distress. Dogs cool off through their pads on their feet as well. So a pavement that can get upwards to 120 degrees is a problem. ( Feel it with your hand first then you be the judge!)
So with the a long hot summer on the horizon lets keep in mind what we may think is a gorgeous day may be a scorcher and potential danger for our bullies. I have the 80 degree rule in mind. If its 80 or over keep your bullie in the AC where he is most comfortable.(With Ozzie it's the 75 and over rule) If you ask the Oz that's where he rather be!
Go to the link below for more information on this very important bullie subject!

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