Friday, May 25, 2012

Finally Friday and Ozzie's Troubled Nook!

Sorry I have been away for a week. My husband and I went to Florida to visit our good friends Vin and Di at their condo located close to Anna Maria Island on the Gulf Coast. Beautiful weather was abundant and the beach was the best! Coming back home to Jersey and all the rain is a big let down but in the end there is no place like home!

Ozzie was real glad to see us. Grandpa and Will took good care of him but its never the same as having your Mom! Since we came back he has come down with some irritating skin issues. This is the time of year for canine allergies for the Oz. This season he has developed a skin infection right in his "nook". ( No, not that e-reader thing from Barnes and Nobles) That is the name I call the area of  his face between his eyes. You know that big dip above his nose that could accommodate loose change or the perfect holder for a soft boiled egg. It's red and "weepy' in there and you can't get near him enough to pet his head. He is constantly licking his nose with his head pointed up in the air in an attempt to soothe the hot spot on his noggin! Time to call the vet again! In the meanwhile I have been using Panolog cream in his T-zone, that may be helping a bit?!

When we were in Florida we stopped by a restaurant in Siesta Key called The Old Salty Dog. It's the home of the Fully Loaded Salty Dog hot dog.It has everything on it from bacon to cheese to mushrooms and onions. Totally a cardiac arrest in a bun but what a way to go! The best thing about this eatery is the mascot which is a lovable bulldog! His cartoon face adorns the front of the restaurant which is were this picture is taken of myself and my hubbie! I couldn't resist but buy one of their t-shirts with the bulldog logo! I think Ozzie would enjoy the hot-dogs there minus the onions! I hear that bulldogs eat for free there!

Here is wishing you all a wonderful safe fun filled Memorial Day weekend!

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