Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally Friday..Oops it's Monday!

"Hmm, is it too early in the season for her to wear white?"

Definitely getting behind on my posts. Looks like the weekend blasted right by and here we are! Ozzie had a busy time. He visited his friends Tank and Harley on Saturday to celebrate their Mom's birthday with a backyard barbecue! Ozzie was totally into the hamburger and hot-dog scene. What a shocker! 
There was music and merriment and bocci ball but Oz was enjoying the people watching and the food waiting (begging).

Sunday my brother and his girlfriend came by for a visit and brought along Rosie. She still is not a fan of the Oz and attempts to hide from him when she gets here. All he tries to do is be the perfect bulldog host but she is having none of it. Oh well it's not from a lack of trying. 

"Come on doggies first!"

Ozzie will have to catch up on his sleep today. I am sure he is probably not disappointed that we are going to work and leaving him with Grandpaw! They can both power nap!

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